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Mail and Shipping Address in USA  Convocation of Anglicans in North America | 6731 Curran Street | McLean, Virginia 22101

Telephone  (+1) 703-662-0265





General Information and Assistance 703-662-0265
New membership applications from clergy, congregations, and postulants for ordination; Reception Committee; Vocations Committee Brenda Dobbs
Finance and Human Resources Linda Fossum
Media and Press Inquiries; Communications; Special Projects 703-662-0265
Healthcare, Vision, Dental, Life, and Disability Insurance Gray Stephenson+ 703-999-0143




Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of the Great Lakes (ACNA)
Bishop Roger Ames
      Bishop Ames’ Archdeacon Mark Scotton+ 330-665-2227
      Bishop Ames’ Executive Assistant Tina Fisher 330-665-2227
Bishop, Ret. (President of the American Anglican Council)
Bishop David Anderson
      Bishop Anderson’s Canon Phil Ashey+ 770-414-1515
Bishop, Ret.
Bishop David Bena
Bishop for CANA East and CANA Missioner Bishop Julian Dobbs
      Bishop Dobbs' Executive Archdeacon Venerable Ronald S. Gauss 860-235-9919

Bishop of the Missionary Diocese of the Trinity (MDT)
Bishop Amos Fagbamiye
Bishop and Endorsing Agent for Anglican Chaplains Deanery Bishop Derek Jones
888-460-5556 ext. 228
      Bishop Jones's Scheduling Assistant
Carol Arnold
Bishop for CANA West Bishop Felix Orji
Missionary Bishop of CANA Bishop Martyn Minns

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Phone: (+1) 703-662-0265
  • CANA
  • 6731 Curran Street
  • McLean VA 22101

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