As we work with Common Cause, CANA is leading the way for the new era of American Anglicanism.  Since November 2006, the number of CANA congregations and clergy have approximately doubled every six months:

Benefits to joining CANA include:

  • join CANA's national comprehensive healthcare coverage 
  • join CANA's 403b retirement plan
  • join CANA's forthcoming life & disability insurance policies
  • join CANA's forthcoming payroll & HR processing systems
  • free 1-hour legal consultation for congregationsan authentic connection to the Anglican Communion
  • an episcopate of 6 bishops and 2 archdeacons to serve you

CANA's distinctives:

  • indigenous ecclesiastical structure with representative leadership by CANA clergy and lay delegates
  • healthcare, retirement, and insurance plans for clergy and congregational employees
  • CANA’s episcopate, clergy, and laity reflect the diversity America with significant numbers of immigrants and minorities
  • committed to modeling the possibility of respecting both integrities regarding the ordination of women within one ecclesial body
  • an American financial structure with no requirements to provide financial support to its founding province
  • established after TEC had rejected the Anglican Communion’s unanimous recommendations in “The Windsor Report”
  • congregations retain all rights to their property

Download the congregational application

Download the application for clergy

Contact Information

Phone: (+1) 703-662-0265
  • CANA
  • 6731 Curran Street
  • McLean VA 22101

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