Bishop Minns Keynotes Pro-Life Event Friday

For 25 years Sanctity of Life Ministries (SLM), a local outreach partner of Truro Church and over 70 churches in Northern Virginia, has served women, men, and their unborn babies. SLM includes three pregnancy help centers in Fairfax County.

On the international front, Sanctity of Life Ministries has been involved since 1996 with pregnancy centers in the country of Romania, which has one of the highest abortions rates in the world. They have provided volunteer counselor training, funding for projects and staff, and different resources. SLM has proactively partnered with organizations to translate and print pregnancy help center literature for use in Romania.

Each center ministers to a unique population of clients, including urban college students and many internationals. Fairfax Pregnancy Help Center (FPHC), Alexandria Pregnancy Help Center (APHC) and LifeChoices Resource Center (LCRC) also exist to serve the local church. Women and men approach SLM, faced with an unplanned pregnancy situation, and SLM has proven to be an opportunity for them to get help in many practical ways while having Christ's love shared with them.

As an outreach ministry of Jesus Christ through His church, SLM, embodied in its volunteers, is committed to presenting the Gospel to those with crisis pregnancies — both in word and in deed.

In order to celebrate their dedication to upholding the pro-life cause, SLM holds an annual fundraising banquet which has proved to be a moving occasion of fellowship for the local community and beyond.

This year, CANA's own Bishop Martyn Minns will be the featured speaker at the Sanctity of Life Ministries Annual Fellowship Banquet 2009 in Falls Church, Va.

Leading by example, Bishop Martyn and Mrs. Angela Minns have ministered faithfully for the poor, disadvantaged and unborn for many years, both in the United States and overseas. Diagnosed with Down's Syndrome, their daughter Rachel's ministry is also a testimony honoring the sanctity of human life and the quality of life one can experience when devoted to serving God.

"I do not want the public to believe the lie that so-called 'handicapped' children and adults cannot add to the life of communities. In our travels all over the world these individuals have added so much joy and are very hard working. Most ordinary people do not let them have a chance, but in CANA churches they are encouraged to take their place in the Body of Christ at the local church," said Angela Minns.

Echoing his wife's sentiment for the pro-life cause, Bishop Minns professed in a Washington Post column last fall: "It is in the Bible where you will discover the truth that every human life is of inestimable worth."

The annual Sanctity of Life Ministry's Fellowship Banquet will be held on March 27, 2009.  It includes dinner at Fairview Park Marriott in Falls Church, Va.  Reception begins at 6:30 pm; dinner begins at 7:10 pm.  For information on attending, call Kirsten Ball, 703.536.5941 or For more information on Sanctity of Life Ministries, go to

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