What Is CANA?

Definition of CANA

CANA is the “Convocation of Anglicans in North America” which is a missionary district sponsored by the largest and most vibrant province of the Anglican Communion, the Church of Nigeria which at c.19 million members accounts for about 25% of the membership of the entire Anglican Communion. CANA’s members, who reflect a wide scope of ethnic and racial identities, embody a healthy balance of the catholic, evangelical, and charismatic streams of Anglican Christianity.

Mission of CANA

The mission of CANA is to provide orthodox clergy and congregations in North America with (a) an episcopate based in North America that has an authentic connection to the Anglican Communion, and (b) an ecclesiastical structure with representative leadership by member clergy and congregations.

Vision of CANA

The vision of CANA is to be a building block and an incubator that works to build up the Anglican Church in North America as the provincial structure for orthodox Anglicanism in North America within the next several years.

Distinctives of CANA

  • CANA's clergy and congregations are authentically in the Anglican Communion through the sponsorship of the Church of Nigeria.
  • CANA's clergy and congregations are full-fledged members of the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA), by virtue of CANA being a founder of the ACNA.
  • CANA's episcopate and ecclesiastical structure is based in North America.
  • CANA's structure maintains the Anglican tradition of the "councils of the church" with representative leadership by CANA clergy and lay delegates from CANA congregations.
  • CANA’s episcopate and clergy are a blessed reflection of the diversity of the American populace, with significant numbers of immigrants and minorities.
  • CANA is committed to modeling for American Anglicans the possibility of respecting both integrities regarding the ordination of women within one ecclesial body.
  • CANA is a gift to American Anglicanism with no strings attached—with an American financial structure, there are no requirements to provide financial support to its founding province, the Church of Nigeria.
  • CANA has built mission partnerships with Anglican provinces based on decades-long relationships.
  • CANA's episcopate is led by Missionary Bishop Martyn Minns, with Bishops Roger Ames, David Anderson, David Bena, Amos Fagbamiye, Felix Orji, and Julian Dobbs.
  • CANA's Chaplains Deanery is led Bishop Derek Jones (USAF ret.) and is an endorsing agent with the Department of Defense.

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