Profound Transformation

God loves you and the world so much that he wants to heal all of your brokenness to enable you to live this life to the full, and he wants to redeem even the most broken situations and systems in our world.  Read more about CANA's belief in Profound Transformation, below:

Is it possible for Muslims to convert to following Jesus?  What is Islam really like?  Watch this compelling testimony from Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of a Hamas founder. 

Cowards Can Change the World:  When Jesus breathed the Holy Spirit on his disciples (John 20), they probably did not suddenly feel an undeniable surge of supernatural power flowing through their bodies.  Rather, just like the paralytic (Matthew 9, Mark 2, Luke 5) -- who probably did not experience an undeniable surge of healing, but who had a choice either to remain a begging victim, or to believe Jesus by rolling up his mat and walking -- the disciples in the locked room had a choice either to remain cowards and shut-ins, or to receive the profound transformation of the Holy Spirit and take steps toward fulfilling Jesus' evangelistic commission.  Click here for a sermon (2008.03.30) on this topic of transformation -- listen to the end for a profound recent testimony. 

Did you know that spiritual gifts are not limited to just one or a few per person?  God wants us to participate in the ministry of profound transformation, and he can equip every Christian with whatever gifts will help reveal Christ to people. Click here for a sermon (2007.09.30) that will move us toward participating in God's profound transformation.

How one Muslim converted and became an Anglican bishop.


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